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IJOBA is a platform to articulate the biblical worldview 

Dr. Mike Dodds is looking for writers for the Spring 2021 edition of the Interdisciplinary Journal on Biblical Authority (IJOBA).

“IJOBA exists to provide a platform for Christian thinkers to articulate the biblical worldview,” Dodds wrote in a recent statement, “concerning issues in their chosen discipline as well as to evaluate trends and topics within that discipline using the biblical worldview. Its articles and reviews are intended to encourage Christian thinkers in their chosen fields to remain faithful to Christ and the biblical worldview.”

Authors are expected to follow The Chicago Manual of Style and A Manual for Writers (by Kate L. Turabian) as to style. See further submission guidelines at

The submission deadline for the Spring edition is March 12, 2021. Correspondence and manuscripts can be submitted to the Editor, Dr. Tommy Ice, at [email protected]. For more information, contact Dr. Dodds through his faculty profile, or call 816-322-5152, ext. 1348.

You can order the most recent edition of IJOBA through Amazon at this link.