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Missions Reps answer questions from students during All-Dorm Devotions.

Students met and interfaced with missions reps during Calvary’s Conference on Global Engagement.

Last week, Calvary held its annual Conference on Global Engagement, hosting missions reps from over 20 missions agencies. Students attended chapel each day taught by representatives from Calvary’s various Synergy partners. Reps offered several other seminars throughout the week, with topics such as engaging in spiritual warfare, church revitalization, facing the dark side of ministry, and addiction and trauma recovery.  Other events like All-Dorm Devotions, a movie night, and Calvary’s Haystack meeting gave students opportunities to interface with missions reps and familiarize themselves with the many agencies represented.

Josh Paxton, Director of the Burnham Center for Global Engagement, said he was happy with how the conference went, and liked the introduction of five chapel speakers for the week. He also mentioned Monday’s dorm devos was “a highlight, and students were able to ask mission reps questions. The theme was ‘10 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Be a Missionary.’” Students wrote down their questions, “things like, ‘I don’t feel called to missions,’ or, ‘I don’t think I could be a church planter,’ and a panel of mission reps responded to questions to start a dialogue with the students.

Calvary student Lydia Stalcup said, “It was such an encouragement to have so many missionaries come for COGE.” She said the Chapels, seminars, and other conversations provided her with “insightful information for future ministry.” Paxton said these opportunities to interface are some of the best parts of the conference. “My favorite part is just the fellowship of the conference… It’s great to just catch up and fellowship with [the missions reps] and hear what’s going on in their corner of the world.”

Paxton pointed out that the Conference on Global Engagement is the most all-encompassing event at Calvary, and “it essentially takes over the entire school for the week.” He added that, “It’s an important part of Calvary’s culture, and of reminding us that, while we have different programs and different degrees and different interests… reaching the world with the gospel—reaching the lost—is something that we are all supposed to come together around.”

Paul Mattson from Crossworld speaks in Monday’sChapel.

Jeff McIntyre, Scripture Memory Mountain Mission, gives a seminar on “Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts.”

Shawn Haynie from Adelphos-USA answers a question on Monday’s Q&A panel.