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Opportunities for commuting students starts here.

Locations & Map

Campus Map and Addresses

The Chatter

Upcoming Events; Dining Hall Menu; Hours for Library, Clark Academic Center, and Warrior Café

Security & Emergency

Emergency Contact and Vehicle Registration

Parking and Transportation

        Calvary University offers parking spaces for commuter students on campus.

     You can apply for a parking permit through the Calvary University Security Office.

      If you prefer to use public transportation, you can find information about local              bus routes on the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority website.


Student Life Opportunities 

           Calvary University offers a vibrant campus with a variety of clubs and                               organizations, intramural sports, and campus events.

         Check out the Student Engagement Page on Calvary University’s website to learn more             about the many opportunities available for commuter students.

           Think about getting involved today!

    Campus Services

           As a commuter student, you have access to the same campus services as                         resident students.

        These include chapel services, bible study groups, free academic tutoring, and more. 

         Make sure to take advantage of these resources to support your academic and             personal goals.


    Food Services

            Calvary University offers a variety of food options on campus, including the Dining      Hall, the Coffee Shop, and the Snack Bar.

          To purchase a meal plan, visit our Tuition and Fees Page today. 

           Make sure to check out the options available and choose the one that best fits               your needs.

      Study Spaces

             Calvary University offers several study spaces on campus, including the library,           computer labs, student lounge, classrooms, and the Warrior Cafe.

          As a commuter student, it’s important to have a quiet and comfortable space to                        study between classes.

          Make sure to explore the different options available and find the one that works          best for you.


      Academic Advising and Support

              Calvary University offers academic advising and support services to all students.

            As a commuter student, it’s important to stay on top of your academic progress and                  seek help when you need it.

            To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor or get more information,            please visit our Advising Resources Page today.

         Campus Visit

                 We highly recommend that you visit Calvary University’s campus and meet with           an admissions counselor.

               This will give you an opportunity to learn more about the university, ask                                       questions, and get personalized guidance on the commuter process. 

               You can schedule a campus visit and advising session through the Calvary                       University Admissions Office – more info on visiting us here.