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Coleson Voran is a Business Major (Sports Management Emphasis) at Calvary University, and he is excited see where the Lord directs him to go after his college experience is over.  He is now competing in his sophomore seasons as a cross country and basketball student athlete.  Today he represents Calvary University at The NCCAA National Cross-Country Meet in Joplin, MO. 

Coleson grew up in Alaska.  He was athletic as a child and loved running trails.  He ran his first race during 8th grade with the cross-country team at his school.  It was easy to do this because of the small school he attended and because the coach and runners on the team all knew his abilities.    His mother always encouraged him to run cross country and Coleson is grateful for that encouragement through the years.  He feels her encouragement is an important reason he is where he is today. 

He went on into high school and had a successful athletic career.  In cross country, a highlight for him was qualifying for the State Cross Country Meet as a Junior.  He finished 14th against a lot of big schools and had a personal record during that meet of 17:21 (5K).  He went on to finish a smaller State Cross Country Meet in 3rd place during his Senior season which was another highlight.    Coleson’s high school coach Hiedi Wilder was an impactful person in Coleson’s life.  She continues to be one of the hardest working women he knows.  She would always run with her teams and invested a lot of time and energy into building Coleson into the runner he is today.

After high school, Coleson was recruited to play basketball and felt God’s call on his life to attend Calvary University as a student athlete.  “Calvary has helped me to grow in the Lord,” stated Voran.  “This is where I will continue to Grow in Him.”  Coleson has been an integral part of the basketball team for two years now and loves everything about sports at Calvary.  He decided last year to become a dual sport athlete and to add Cross Country to his collegiate sporting goals because of the encouragement from his basketball  teammates.

He loves running cross country because of the simplicity of it.  “If runners work hard they will run faster,” stated Voran.   “Either a runner is mentally tough or not.”   Earlier this year his PR at the 8K distance was fast enough to qualify for the NCCAA National Cross Country Meet.  He will get to race against the fastest runners in the country at our level.  Coleson has been working hard with Calvary coach Tyler Cheslik to prepare him to run his best race.

Coleson is very clear about his goals for today.  He wants to represent Jesus Christ and show others that hard work pays off.  He wants to work as hard as he can and leave the results to God.  Coleson is grateful to have the opportunity to be the first cross country runner to ever compete in the NCCAA National Meet wearing a Calvary uniform.  “Representing Calvary University is a gift,” stated Voran.   “I love having the chance to get out there and rep.”

Coleson is thankful for his coach Tyler Cheslik.  “Tyler has his own racing goals, yet he is willing to sacrifice and to push me”, stated Voran.  “His sacrifice is making me better.” 

Coleson Voran is an outstanding student-athlete that is making an impact on our campus at Calvary in many ways!    Let’s Go Coleson!  #BattleTogether