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One Size Fits All

“The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people.” (Luke 2:10)



Like most children, I was just giddy at Christmas time. With great enthusiasm, I would sneak under the tree to see what toys and games had my name on them (I think this was the start of my waking at 4 am every morning). So when I started getting things like shirts and pants, I felt let down—grownup gifts were no fun! As the years went on, the grownup gifts continued, and then one year my kids gave me some cool socks with bright colors and designs. I almost felt young again—notice I said young, you see I never stopped being a kid! Even dads could wear these socks, for as the tag pronounced: “One size fits all.”


That comfortable phrase, “one size fits all,” reminds us of the best gift of Christmas—the good news that Jesus came for everyone. The angel’s announcement to the shepherds of “good news . . . for all the people” was said to people not generally thought of as ones in higher society. And Magi from the east, people at the other end of society, were guided by a star to worship the newborn King. The Christ-child was born for all people—kings and peasants.


Jesus teaches us just how much the father loves us, and invites “whoever believes” to come to Him. The humble act of faith in Christ grants eternal life to those who trust Him (John 3:16).  If Jesus were just for the poor and marginalized, or only for the celebrated and privileged, many of us would not qualify. But Christ is for everyone, regardless of status, financial situation, or social standing. He is the only gift truly fit for all.


David Allen, Special Events Coordinator