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Day 6 – Friday, Dec 8

(Ephesians 4:7–16)

During the Christmas season, we tend to focus on the attribute of generosity, especially when it comes to giving gifts.  I remember as a boy growing up in the state of Maryland that, for me, the epitome of generosity was my dad. Each year Christmas seemed to be bigger than the last. It wasn’t that my father valued materialism, but rather that he could not keep himself from being generous to his children.

In a much greater way, our heavenly Father gives us—His children, gifts. Gifts such as encouragement (Rom. 12:8), teaching (Eph. 4:11), service (1 Peter 4:11).  God gives us these gifts. The Bible tells us to use these gifts for ministering to believers and to bring others to Christ, but are you generous in the way to use them?  Is there a way you are holding back?  Possibly you are generous with your gifts to everyone except that one person in church you feel is undeserving or disliked.  Maybe there is a gift you are not using or at least not in the way God would want you to.

As our heavenly Father gives to us abundantly, generously use your gifts to encourage and support the body of Christ for the glory of God.

Tim Willis, Admissions Counselor