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Day 11 – Friday, Dec 15

(Philippians 4: 6-7 – “Do not be anxious about anything”)

 Christmas can be a time of sheer joy, yet it can also be a time of great anxiety, worry, and fear.  I was recently affected by the story of a woman who lost her job of 15 years right before the holidays.  She (Angie) tried to put on a brave face for her three girls of three, five, and seven, but even acting as if nothing was wrong became difficult because she knew her girls were looking forward to Christmas. Angie didn’t have the heart to tell her daughters she wouldn’t be able to afford Christmas gifts or a tree that year.

As the holidays progressed, her anxiety grew into a depression to where Angie needed to seek mental health counseling.  But contrary to what some secular counselors might think, God’s word teaches that there is peace and hope in Jesus Christ.  So Angie began to pray because she couldn’t handle the racing thoughts of the problems to come due to her unemployment.  And she remembered her favorite Bible verse her father introduced to her when she was a young girl, Philippians 4: 6-7.

As Angie developed a relationship with Christ, she was no longer anxious and fearful about money nor materials items as she focused on the true meaning of Christmas. A PEACE beyond human understanding soon lifted a heavy burden off Angie’s shoulders.  She realized that she had experienced the best Christmas ever because she had received a gift that no one could take away from her.

When the holidays come around people become anxious over material things, such as gifts and money.  We all know that materials items are just temporary enjoyment and can sometimes lose their appeal.  However, the love of Christ never gets old nor does it cause us to do unethical behaviors to obtain it.  Christ’s love cannot be removed or stolen from you.  So rejoice this Christmas and allow the gifts of PEACE and JOY to ruminate throughout your life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Germaine D. Washington, Business Administration Department Chair