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‘Tis the Season

Day 1, Friday, Dec 1

And so begins the “holiday” season. As most would recognize, the term is a compound of holy and day. Even as there is an increasing secularization of the holidays, the holy roots are inescapable. No matter how hard society tries to scrub God from our consciousness, He is still present. As the Psalmist asked, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? And where can I flee from Your presence” (Ps 139:7)? And ultimately, that is really what we are celebrating during this time of year – that God is with us! The central point of the Christmas Story is that God came to earth as the perfect God-man – as Immanuel, or God with us (Mt 1:23)  – in order that He might take our place and pay for our sin. He has provided the way we can be reconciled to our Creator (Rom 1:16-17). So the holiday season is about much more than friends, family, gifts, food, and days off work. It is about remembering that the Amazing Creator God has not left us alone, but is with us always.

For many, the holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving – and how appropriate that as we enter this time of year we can start with sincere thankfulness for who God is and what He has done for us. So, when someone wishes you “Happy Holidays,” don’t get too grumpy that they haven’t explicitly acknowledged Christmas. Perhaps their greeting provides you an opportunity to respond, “Yes – the holidays are a joyous time because of what we are celebrating – that God is with us and has given us life!” Have a blessed holiday season – and yes, of course – a wonderful Christmas! Even in the most difficult of times, we have much for which to rejoice and be thankful.

Dr. Christopher Cone, President