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Camy Crank is a new author with a big story.

“Sometimes God doesn’t change our situation because He is trying to change our heart.”

In the truest sense of the word, Camilla (“Camy”) Crank is a warrior. In 2015, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after five years of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and hormonal therapy, she was given a terminal diagnosis. Camy is married to Bob Crank, a mother of three children and grandmother of three grandchildren, and “fell in love” with books while reading them to her children during their growing up years. Today, she is an author of her first-ever published book, inspired by her real-life journey of what she lost, and what she gained through her breast cancer.

“I don’t want cancer,” Camy remembers thinking in a state of shock when she was first given her diagnosis. She prayed there would be another explanation to the growth in her breast, and told her husband, “I’m not afraid to die.” “Then don’t be afraid to live,” Bob had answered. She knew he was right. Camy later learned: “Choosing to live was a conscious choice that I was going to make over and over again.” Understandably, Camy’s diagnosis was a huge shock to herself as well as everyone in her family: “I was walking through life, taking care of my responsibilities, living the life I felt God called me to when BAM, I hit a bump in the road—I found out I had breast cancer.”

Yet, little did she know at the time, breast cancer would become a “high point” in her life, drawing her closer to God, her family, and her friends. Camy states: “People often say that God won’t give you more that you can handle. But in reality, He does give us more than we can handle so that we will learn to lean on Him and not just rely on ourselves.”  Camy emphasizes the truth that “No matter what, God has the final diagnosis.”

Camy’s book, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow provides an insider’s perspective on the sorrow, resilience, and hope that can be found in the most unfavorable, and even terrifying life experiences. The lessons she shares with her readers are gems that are to be taken captive and treasured in the heart, as well as the soul.

(Quotes in this article are taken from Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.)

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This book was written by a friend of mine. I was connected with her through my son and his wife and she started emailing me when I was going through my breast cancer treatment. The book is an inspiration to anyone that reads it. Her strength, courage, endurance and amazing faith in God will change lives forever! Mine is changed and it is such a blessing to know her. Reading her book helps me to be thankful for each day and grateful for every single thing, no matter how small. I encourage anyone who has breast cancer or knows someone with cancer to purchase this book. I have had the blessing of being able to visit with Camy twice now and she is a blessing to me and anyone who reads this book. Thank you Camy Crank!”Carla D. Khatib

Camy is ready to share her story of survival and hope. Order your copy of Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow on Amazon!