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Dr. Alexander Granados, President of Calvary University, spoke recently to a gathering of Cass County and Belton, MO, community leaders.

CU becoming “the” school of Cass County

Calvary’s new president, Dr. Alexander Granados, was introduced to the local community in late January.

“We want to be a good friend, a good neighbor,” Dr. Granados told several local community leaders at a luncheon in the Heritage Benefit Consultants building in Belton. “We need one another. We need to be able to have our students do internships, to be able to see a glimpse of what that life looks like in serving the Lord in those key vocations and areas of life and ministry within our community.

“Every graduate of CU graduates with a Bible degree, but we obviously have majors who are focusing not just on Bible alone, whether it be in English, the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Business, etc. In fulfillment of our mission, to prepare men and women for the church and the world, is recognizing that many of them, their life trajectory will have a vocation that will not be within the context of a local church. That’s where our ministry partners with the mayor’s office, with the Chambers of Commerce, with key community leaders in education, those who might be in the healthcare profession, and obviously the business community.”

Afterward, Dr. Granados explained that Calvary needs to ask a really important question: “How are we embedded into this community and therefore how are we a contributing member to the community? That aspect of fulfilling the Great Commandment, ‘Loving God and loving others.’ That is our mission. That’s what we’re all about. That’s why we need to be a faithful partner and friend to them.”

“The mayor,” he said, referring to Belton’s Mayor Jeff Davis who was in attendance, “rightly said, ‘You need to be the school of Cass County and of Belton.’”

That’s a goal Dr. Granados intends on accomplishing in the years ahead.

The luncheon was organized by Calvary and hosted by Calvary Board Member, Mike Sanders. Food was provided by Applebee’s.