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Housekeeping Coordinator Kent Shader disinfects the Student Life Center.

Calvary’s Maintenance Department recently acquired an electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing sprayer for use on Calvary’s campus. The disinfecting tool, affectionately referred to as the “Fogger Machine,” is being used to sanitize hard surfaces across all of the University’s buildings. Doug Driskell, head of maintenance, and Housekeeping Coordinator Kent Shader researched the most effective ways to keep the Calvary community safe, in addition to having disinfectant wipes in every classroom and hand sanitizer stations in all common areas. Driskell said, “We wanted a user friendly portable electrostatic sprayer, with versatility to meet all our of needs, and purchase a product that was easy to dispense without error.”

The fogger machine comes with a backpack tank and battery powered electrostatic sprayer that creates a safe, touchless system and nuanced user control to spray even hard-to-reach surfaces like the undersides of tables. QT-3, the chemical used as a hard surface disinfectant, is optimal for its demonstrated effectiveness on viruses similar to the novel coronavirus, as well as its harmlessness for those who come in contact with it.

“Most entities in the Education, Health, Government and the Corporate fields are using similar equipment to disinfect large areas,” Driskell said. Maintenance has created a schedule to disinfect all common areas weekly, implementing the sprayer during low-traffic times to ensure the disinfectant has maximum dwell time to eliminate germs.