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Calvary University News

KANSAS CITY — In April of 2016 Dr. Christopher Cone announced in his Seven Points for Excellence that Calvary would “begin development of a dual-discipline PhD in Bible and Theology.” Two and a half years later, Calvary University is pleased to announce the formal launch of the 78-hour, dual-discipline PhD in Bible and Theology. The program has been approved by Calvary’s two accreditors, the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission, paving the way for the program to launch in January of 2019.

While the program is based at Calvary’s main campus in Kansas City, the program is also structured in such a way that it can be taken completely online through CU’s blended model. The PhD builds on a 36-credit Master of Arts in Bible and Theology, or an equivalent master’s program, and requires competency in both Biblical Hebrew and Greek. If prospective students lack the prerequisite language skills, they can take both languages during the first year of the program.

Calvary’s PhD is designed to produce “expert generalists” who have achieved excellence in Biblical exegesis and exposition with emphasis on the Biblical languages and literal grammatical historical hermeneutics, who contribute to theological research and influence other disciplines, and who are grounded and focused on putting these skills into practice in ministry contexts both within and outside of the church.

For those entering with all the necessary prerequisites, the first year focuses on hermeneutical analysis, exegetical methodology, and beginning dissertation thought and research. During the second year students employ language, hermeneutic, and exegetical skills in researching every chapter of the Bible to address key contextual and theological questions. In the third year students extract a thoroughgoing systematic theology from their exegetical work, and from this backdrop of Biblical and theological work, in the fourth year, PhD students will begin focusing on the dissertation process. The program is designed to be completed within 4-6 years, but can take longer if needed.

Dr. Cone considers the PhD in Bible and Theology to be a significant milestone in Calvary’s 86-year history, calling it “Calvary’s flagship in helping us lead our University initiatives with the Bible at the forefront.” Cone commended the team of faculty and administration who worked during the past several years to see this program launch. “We are deeply thankful for Dr. Teddy Bitner’s and Dr. Gary Gromacki’s leadership in making this vision a reality. It takes an incredible team of people to engage a program like this, and we are grateful for the work of all those who have invested in our students and ultimately in the churches, schools, and people those students will impact.”

Calvary is now accepting applicants to the PhD program. Contact the Admissions Department or Program Director Dr. Gary Gromacki for more information, or to apply for the Calvary University PhD in Bible and Theology program.