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Dr. Daniel Goepfrich, adjunct professor of Greek at Calvary, recently published a book titled, Biblical Discipleship: The Path For Helping People Follow Jesus. The book arose out of his long-standing desire to write a work focusing on salvation and discipleship together, as well as a desire to have useful resources for his church. Goepfrich, who pastors Oak Tree Community Church, said, “As a pastor, it’s very important to me that we have something our people could follow.” He said other curriculums seemed to focus on one area, “and I wanted to see something that was quite a bit more complete… to show that the Bible does lay out the path for genuine discipleship.”

The book has been in progress for over a decade now as Goepfrich has been developing information and resources on discipleship. He said, “I love to write and to think that way. One of my lifelong goals was always to write a couple of certain books… and it finally compiled into a book.” The book includes study questions to adapt it for personal study, small groups, bible studies, and other formats.

Goepfrich hopes the book will push people to change how they think about what discipleship is and how to do it. He said, “Revival doesn’t start in the academies. Revival doesn’t start in the seminaries. Revival starts in the churches, when everyday people come back to the Scriptures and say, ‘We need to do this better.’”

Check out this interview with Dr. Goepfrich about his book: