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2018 Greece Team

In five short days five students and Joshua Paxton, Director of the Burnham Center for Global Engagement, will board a plane for Greece!  This trip will be both educational and ministry oriented. On the educational side we will spend time walking in the footsteps of Paul and his journeys in Macedonia and Greece, as part of his second and third missionary journeys. Our itinerary includes visits to the following places:




Philippi; Neapolis, Kavala, Thessaloniki; Meteora, Delphi, Thermopyles, Athens, Corinth, Epidauros, Mycenae, Olympia, and Mt Olympus…Along the way we will visit several museums and open the Scriptures while standing in the places they happened! We are very grateful to our friends at the Zodhiates International New Testament Studies Center for making this trip possible.

We will also take time to engage in some church planting ministry, learn some Greek culture and spend time ministering to immigrants and refugees in Greece at the Homespot in Athens. Students who enroll in the course “Biblical Sites Trip” are able to receive credit towards the degree here at Calvary by completing additional assignments.

Updates and pictures will be posted on the website as often as possible. Please pray for safe travel for us and be thinking about joining us our next trip or in Israel for 2019!