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Graceway and Calvary University have had a longstanding partnership and are excited to announce that the partnership is deepening.

Calvary University’s new Master of Arts in Bible and Theology begins in January, 2017 with Dr. Cone teaching (TH601) Biblical Philosophy and Worldview at Graceway’s campus. This will be the first in a series of classes in a program designed to be completed in one year. Four classes in 2017 will be offered onsite at Graceway, other courses in the program are offered at Calvary’s campus. All the classes are blended (meaning they can be taken onsite or online) and will also be offered through Calvary’s online campus.


Dr. Christopher Cone, President of Calvary University, states that he is, “Pleased that CU is able to offer the one-year MABT, and is especially excited that we can offer a number of those classes at Graceway. We are grateful for the Calvary/Graceway partnership and are eager for the opportunity to serve the people of Graceway, to have a more effective outreach to the greater Kansas City community, and to broaden the educational options for our students.”


Dr. Jeff Adams, Lead Pastor at Graceway shares in that excitement, echoing that,

“Graceway is excited to partner with Calvary University. Both Dr. Christopher Cone and Graceway passionately believe that the local church and higher education are to be partners in God’s mission, not competitors, and this joint venture is a wonderful way to demonstrate this commitment. We pray that this endeavor will be the first step in an ever-deepening partnership with Calvary. Those interested in taking the class for credit can register directly through Calvary. What really excites me is that anyone, regardless of academic background, can also take this class not for credit and at a greatly reduced cost. You can sit in the same classroom receiving the same graduate level teaching alongside those receiving it for credit. Anyone can learn the Scriptures at this level by investing a bit of time and effort.”

For more information on Calvary University’s Master of Arts in Bible and Theology (MABT) program for credit contact Calvary’s Admissions Department via email or by calling 800-326-3960.

For information on attending the class not for credit, contact Jim Edwards at Graceway via email  or by calling 816-358-1515.