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KANSAS CITY – It started with a call from Kansas City Football and Cheerleading (KCFC). Adrion Roberson and the ministry he co-founded — KC United — has rented football helmets and shoulder pads from KCFC for years. The football equipment is for KC United’s sports and education initiatives for youth in the Kansas City area.

“Just come down to Dick’s (Sporting Goods) on Tuesday,” someone from KCFC told him. “We can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but it will be a blessing.”

When Roberson arrived, with 15 of his players, there were several reporters from various news outlets. “I had no idea what was going on,” he said.

As the players lined up for a team photo, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, stepped from behind a backdrop for a surprise visit. “Chiefs on three,” Mahomes said before any of the kids realized he was there.

“They never gave us a hint,” Roberson said. “We kept seeing all this media, but we didn’t know.”

Roberson’s ministry, KC United, a youth sports and education initiative, was nominated by KCFC for a grant from Dick’s. “Every one of the kids got a $125 gift card, some food and next thing we know Patrick Mahomes came out. It was amazing. The Chiefs have always been there for us. They provide us with athletic trainers, our kids get to play in a halftime game at Arrowhead, and then this thing with Mr. Mahomes…” laughed Roberson.

In addition, KC United was presented with a $5000 donation. “Nobody understands! This was the hardest year; a lot of adversity,” said Roberson. “This check helps us pay off this season. It’s always been God!”

A 2013 graduate of Calvary University, Roberson credits Calvary for preparing him for this ministry. “I’m proud to say I went to Calvary. This work is happening because of the teaching I got at Calvary. In 2011-2013 there weren’t too many people out there who looked like me, but they didn’t hold that against me. They just taught and allowed me to bring my story to the classroom. I was always the oldest dude in the classroom too. At the end of the day no one can teach you the hands-on stuff. But, you won’t find out how much you love Jesus until you find out how you can deal with people.”

KC United, based in Wyandotte County, officially began ten years ago under Roberson’s leadership, but its roots go back even further.

“I coached youth football for about 20 some years,” explained Roberson. “Then we started a league out here in Wyandotte County, and that expanded to more than 30 teams. KC United now offers year-round after-school sports and educational development. It’s a ministry for us — a very unorthodox ministry, but sports and the arts is what kids here do.”

“We’re trying to do community development — tactical, tangible touches of Christ. Places of impact. We’re just watching God change the face of Wyandotte County,” he said. In addition to KC United, Roberson started “Game Changes,” a parent and guardian developmental initiative with the goal of breaking the poverty mindset. Roberson is on the core teaching team at Kansas Leadership Center, and is also serving as program chair for the 2018 Your Leadership Edge trainings in Kansas City. And if all this isn’t enough, he serves as co-pastor of the Berean Fellowship Church in Kansas City.

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Kansas City Chief’s quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, surprised Calvary alumnus Adrion Roberson (background above) and kids from KC United last week with a visit and a grant. Each student received a $125 shopping spree.
Calvary alumnus Adrion Roberson fights back the tears (above) as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, presents Roberson with a $5,000 grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods for KC United. Roberson started the youth and education initiative more than 10 years ago in Wyandotte County. Mahomes spent time with the kids from KC United, helping them pick out apparel from Dick’s Sporting Goods (below).