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The Bible and Theology Department has a motto we believe is important and that is reflected in all our classes.

The Believer and the Scriptures:

A Lifelong Quest to:

Know what you believe,

Know why you believe it,

Know where to find it,

Choose to obey it,

Share it with others.

When students take a Bible or Theology class, that should only be the beginning of a life-long quest for biblical excellence.

Know what you believe – the facts, terms, definitions, doctrines of the Word.

Know why you believe it – apologetics – a “reason for the hope that lies within you.”

Know where to find it – location. Book, chapter, verse. Be able to know for yourself and direct others to where these truths are found in the Bible.

Choose to obey it – simply stated, obedience. “Be careful to do according to all that is written!”

Share it with others – evangelism, exposition of the Word.