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“People have told me how much my stories have impacted their lives and I hope to continue to impact more people and point them to Christ.”

Ashley’s home was in Denver, CO, where she grew up in a Christian home and came to faith as a child. During her growing-up years, Ashley never dreamed of being a published author, because her original dream was to pursue acting and singing. This carried over into her college career at Calvary University, where she played roles in theatre productions, and pursued her business goal of starting her own theatre company in which her productions would share the gospel with unbelieving audiences. She states: “I was privileged by being part of a theatre department that was rooted in the Bible and sharing Christ with others. There was always an emphasis on the importance of story-telling and making each day a story worth living. That influence was paramount in me later becoming an author.”

Ashley’s focus on theater shifted one day when she was reading “Sacred Romance” by John Eldredge and Brent Curtis. She was touched by how the authors portrayed a Christian’s relationship with Christ within the storyline of an epic novel. Soon, her own imagination was sparked and she felt inspired to begin writing novels. She states: “I’ve created a world based off of the seasons, revealing many Biblical elements that relate to our own lives. Themes like light versus darkness, secret sin struggles, rejection versus acceptance, never being too far to be loved or reached by God, are themes my books emphasize.” More than anything, Ashley’s books explore the concept of beauty that was once lost being completely restored.

When reflecting on her spiritual growth during her time at Calvary, Ashley stated that she learned much about relationships and community: “It was encouraging to be at a college where people’s relationships with God were genuine. It’s easy to take a relationship with God for granted; yet there was a sense of sincerity in many people’s walks at Calvary. I was constantly challenged to be in God’s word and felt blessed to be a part of a community eager to seek God and reach the world with His truth.”

So far as Ashley’s future is concerned, she states: “God has given me the ability to write and share these stories, and I am humbled and blessed to be used as His vessel; people have told me how much my stories have impacted their lives and I hope to continue to impact more people and point them to Christ.” Ashley believes that God has more He wants her to share with the world through her novels. Recently, He has given Ashley several ideas for different series and future stories. One of these is a modern-day Christian adventure series which she has already started working on. Ultimately, Ashley’s desire is to write, grow, pray, and learn as God continues to use the words He places on her heart to touch people in all walks of life.



Ashley’s involvement with theatre at Calvary helped her engage with the impact of storytelling.

(Pictured playing the role of Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical the Musical, 2015)