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Pastor and Calvary alum, Chuck Teagle, is serving at Church of the Cross in Pine Grove, California, while pursuing a Master of Bible and Theology degree using Calvary’s blended course model.

Calvary alum is using technology to reach his community and further his education.

Pastor Chuck Teagle found his way to Calvary in 1969 when he transferred in to complete his degree. He had finished a three-year program at a different institute associated with Moody and wanted a full 4-year degree as he pursued a career in ministry. Calvary transferred his credits, and he graduated in 1970 with his bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology.

Teagle commented, “The 70s to 2019 are big changes, just in our culture.” He pointed out that, while Calvary still has the same welcoming and close-knit campus atmosphere and biblical focus, “[Calvary] has expanded with her campus. Calvary is very innovative in their courses and their teaching methods. They’ve expanded in the degree programs and in the seminary… I think technology has allowed the innovation for Calvary to expand.”

Pastor Teagle has served in a variety of churches since his graduation in 1970. Currently, he pastors at Church of the Cross in Pine Grove, California, where he has been for 25 years. When asked how God is working there, Teagle said, “It’s California, meaning it is exceptionally liberal, politically as well as spiritually. Liberalism has penetrated our churches. It’s now more for entertainment than it is for exposition.”

Teagle responds to these challenges by “trying not to be a relic of the past. We are trying to integrate technology in the social networking of Northern California, as well as in our own community.” As his church strives to stay involved and contributing to its community, it’s ultimate goal is, “To bring the clarity of the gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighborhood.”

Looking back on his time at Calvary, Teagle said, “It prepared me with the foundation of biblical truth. It’s assisted us [as a church] over the years, as we’ve had to change in our methods and technology. But it gave us a foundation.”

Advancing technology affects Teagle’s personal life as well, as he pursues his Master of Bible and Theology degree using Calvary’s blended course model. He reflected, “I think I would have liked to have finished the master’s degree program immediately after college.” In the 70s, Calvary didn’t have options for remote learning, “and the innovation wasn’t available where I was located. But today, I wanted an academic challenge. I’m freed up to do that.” And Calvary’s robust online program options are enabling Pastor Teagle to achieve this goal.

As he continues his theological education, Pastor Teagle commented, “I have a lot of great memories from my experience at Calvary. And [God’s] not done with me, so I’m still at it.”