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Samuel Tschetter (left), joined by his sister Abigail and CU Head Basketball Coach Matt Sanders, was recognized on Senior Night for his contribution to the basketball broadcasts. 

“I like to think that I have been prepared to work, and serve, others well.”

Samuel Tschetter, who graduates from Calvary this spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry, will be taking over the role of Student Life Coordinator. For the past year, Tschetter has been working with Student Development through the CAMS program doing administrative and work to assist the current ResLife Coordinator, Rachel Hontz, who is moving on after graduating from CU last May.

Tschetter said there were several factors that influenced his interest in the position. “I really enjoyed what I was doing [this past year] and am glad that I’ll be able to continue to do it. Also, being able to be around Calvary for at least another year was a big draw; I have some family going to school here… and I have been doing play-by-play for the athletics broadcasts and it looks like I will be able to continue that in some capacity, which is exciting.”

The role of Student Life Coordinator has two sides, “A lot of the residence life coordinator half of the role is taking care of the dorms and the students that live in the dorms. Letting maintenance know when things in the dorms need fixed, getting sign out sheets to RDLs before breaks, doing chapel attendance, things of that nature which directly involve the residents’ lives on campus.” On the student development office manager side “is things like making sure that dorm students have the proper health forms filled out and filing those, putting students on meal plans, scheduling meetings for the deans, and more administrative type tasks.”

The interpersonal position of Student Life Coordinator will give Tschetter opportunities to continue growing in his ministry and administrative experience. He said, “Obviously a big part of any kind of ministry is working with people, and that is a huge part of this job as well. I like to think that I have been prepared to work, and serve, others well.”  He also mentioned his familiarity with Calvary’s system “and knowing how things work is a big help, which is not something specifically tied to my degree, but more to my education as a whole.”

Outgoing ResLife Coordinator, Rachel Hontz, graduated last May. 

Outgoing ResLife Coordinator, Rachel Hontz, will be missed by everyone on campus for her joyful personality as well her contributions to the spiritual lives of students.