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Weekly Portraits of Calvary Life

Spring Break is almost here which means the 2017 Chorale Tour kicks off soon.  Twenty-two students in the Chorale and six Praise Band members will be performing in the concerts.  Each production will have an evangelical theme with a clear presentation of the gospel.  The tour will go through Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska, with a majority of the time spent in Utah.  There is still an opening for another church along the route.  If you are interested, please contact Teresa Purinton, Music Department Office Assistant, at 816-425-6180 for additional information.  Please be in prayer for the health and safety of the group while they travel, and click here to see the complete schedule.

The Calvary University Chorale

Sara Klaassen

Alumni Relations Coordinator


Upcoming Basketball Games

March 1-4, ACCA National Tournament (Men) at Joplin, MO

Upcoming Calvary Events

Now-March 5, 10-12     Beauty and the Beast      March 11 is Alumni Night!

March 9-11               College Days

March 31-April 1     Athletic Alumni Reunion

Upcoming Evidence Performances

April 2, 10:45 a.m. at Shawnee Bible Church in Shawnee, KS

April 2, Evening Service at Westbrooke Church in Overland Park, KS