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Introducing Nikaó – the new logo for the Calvary University Warriors!

What does Nikaó mean in Greek?

To conquer, carry off the victory, or to come off victorious.

Why did we choose this new mascot?

We wanted Nikaó to define who we are as Warriors. We are excited to be disciples of Jesus Christ because He is the one who gained victory over ALL. We want to hold fast to our faith when we have temptations, persecutions, and problems. Whether we are in competition, working, or doing homework, we desire to be disciples that have true victory in all areas of our life.

The Calvary Athletic Department teaches biblical principles in all practices and athletic competitions. We challenge our student athletes to use their God-given gifts to disciple others and to become positive Christian role models. Our goal for each team is to perform at a high level of excellence in competition to the glory of God.