In keeping with Calvary’s Seven Points for Excellence, and in order to be most effective in fulfilling the mission to “… prepare Christians to live and serve in the church and in the world, according to a Biblical worldview,” Calvary has announced that it has rebranded as Calvary University. Dr. Cone identified several reasons for the rebranding, including:

  • The increased difficulty for graduates to find employment with a degree from a Bible college
  • The increased difficulty in accessing some countries for missions with a degree from a Bible college
  • The incorrect yet increasingly prominent perceptions that (1) a Bible college only prepares people for full-time church ministry and (2) a Bible college offers a lesser quality of education
  • Calvary’s mission, degree offerings, accreditation, and undergraduate and graduate divisions are all broader than the traditional Bible college classification

Assuring that the rebranding does not represent a change in the mission or philosophy of Calvary, Dr. Cone added that the rebranding was “not because Calvary needs a new philosophical direction (it doesn’t), but because Calvary has been operating beyond the perceived scope of a Bible college for many years.”

In order to ensure that Calvary remains true to its mission and committed to the Bible, Cone and his Cabinet crafted four amendments to Calvary’s Bylaws. All four were unanimously approved by Calvary’s Board of Trustees on Friday, May 6, 2016:


Amendment #1: Calvary shall always maintain a Christian accreditation, and specifically ABHE, as long as it is available, or another comparable accreditation if ABHE is not available, to ensure accountability in maintaining a Biblical core and Christian ministry requirements.

Amendment #2: The Bible shall be a required textbook for every course offered at Calvary.

Amendment #3: Calvary’s faculty shall recognize and teach the Biblical foundations for the subject matter of every course.

Amendment #4: The educational entity of Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary shall be named Calvary University as of July 1, 2016, in order to best support the mission of Calvary and to maximize opportunities for Calvary’s students.

Dr. Cone noted that “the amendments show that Calvary’s rebranding does not represent a shift in philosophy or priorities and that Calvary will remain as true as ever to its mission and Biblical commitment.” He also appealed to the entire Calvary family that he wanted to be able to address any questions or concerns personally, and invites feedback directly to the President’s Office.

Calvary University LogoCone voiced appreciation for everyone involved with Calvary’s ministry, “…thank you all so very much for your prayerful support to this point. I ask that you continue keeping Calvary in your prayers and that you consider ways that you can also help further support Calvary financially. Our mission is vital, and we simply cannot fulfill it without your help. Please help us to prepare Christians to live and serve in the church and in the world according to a Biblical worldview – we are committed to being faithful with this incredible stewardship, and we are grateful for your partnership in this grand task.”

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