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Calvary University and

Word of Life Bible Institute

Partners in Biblical Education

Partnering with you

Calvary University (CU) and Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) of Pottersville, New York, are pleased to announce a deep partnership between the two schools. This partnership provides, among other things, scholarship opportunities for graduates, staff, and faculty of WOLBI to build on the excellent training you received from WOLBI, continuing your growth through Calvary University. Keep reading to learn how this new partnership benefits you and how you can get started today.

benefits For WOLBI grads, staff, and faculty

developing collaborative Programs

CU and WOLBI will be able to serve you better than ever as we work together to develop new training. 

  • A collaborative Intercultural Studies degree with emphasis in evangelism, building on the evangelism component taught at WOLBI.
  • A ministry leadership concentration for CU’s Master of Arts in Bible and Theology (MABT)
  • CU and WOLBI are pioneering a faculty exchange program for the purpose of collaboration and exchange of ideas.


Students, staff and faculty will now be able to take advantage of current training opportunities at both CU and WOLBI. The CU Admissions Department will be on the WOLBI campuses throughout the year and at special events to help you take advantage of these opportunities.

  • WOLBI CREDIT TRANSFERS. CU is an accredited institution, so we’re ready to work with you to transfer your WOLBI grades and credits so you can continue your training through Calvary, working toward an accredited degree. CU is ready to provide academic advisement to WOLBI students and how transferable courses that fit into a CU academic major. 
  • CU CLASSES ON WOLBI CAMPUSES. Calvary faculty will be offering three classes per year on the WOLBI campuses to allow students to begin working toward an accredited degree even as they finish their training at WOLBI. CU will provide current copies of academic program planners and the CU Catalog to WOLBI students to help you plan.
  • MOST CU CLASSES AVAILABLE ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*. With CU’s blended model, you can complete your next degree program completely online, if you prefer. So you can continue serving at WOLBI and continue your educational journey.
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CU is making additional education opportunities available to WOLBI faculty and staff including:

  • FULL-TIME WOLBI EMPLOYEES AND FAMILIES. Through this partnership, CU is pleased to extend a 100% tuition scholarship for all CU courses in any degree program (undergrad, grad, and doctorate) in all other programs to WOLBI full-time employees and their immediate family members.
  • INTERNS. 50% tuition scholarship for WOLBI and CU graduates actively serving as interns at WOLBI or CU.
  • WOLBI GRADUATES. 40% tuition scholarship for CU online or on campus bachelor’s degree completion for WOLBI graduates.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS FOR CU FACULTY AND STAFF. WOLBI is also likewise offering scholarships to CU full-time employees and their families
    • FULL-TIME CU EMPLOYEES AND FAMILIES. 100% camp (including room and board) scholarship to CU full-time employees and their immediate families (subject to limits and availability restrictions).
    • CU GRADUATES SERVING AS INTERNS. 100% camp (including room and board) scholarship for CU graduates who are actively serving as interns at WOLBI or CU (subject to limits and availability restrictions).
    • FULL-TIME CU EMPLOYEES AND FAMILIES. 100% tuition scholarship to WOLBI for CU full-time employees and their immediate family members.
    • CU GRADUATES. 25% camp scholarship (including room and board) for CU graduates (subject to availability restrictions).


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Ready to get started?

  1. Take a look at CU’s undergraduate, graduate, PhD and seminary programs.
  2. Check out the planner (below) to see how grades and credits will transfer for WOLBI students.
  3. Apply today!
  4. Contact us with any questions. We’re ready to partner with you.
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* Note that some classes such as internships, student teaching, practicums, etc., cannot be done online. Please speak with an advisor about your particular program requirements, including anything that cannot be done online.