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Cory Trowbridge honoring students in an AwardsChapel.

“It’s the people who make Calvary what it is.”

Cory Trowbridge has worked for Calvary University for over thirteen years. He was a student here before that, making his total time at Calvary almost fifteen years. However, like all good things must, his time here has come to an end. He recently accepted an offer to work for Arvest Bank, and his last day at Calvary was January 14.

When considering his time here at Calvary Trowbridge said, “I loved the lunchtime conversations! The opportunity to just ask my stupid questions and talk to people and to get to know students and let them get to know me a little bit.” He was extremely well known around campus and made many efforts to form good relationships with the students and other faculty.

When looking to the future and considering his new opportunity, Trowbridge stated that he is looking forward to a “new set of challenges” and a “new opportunity.” Trowbridge is certainly not one to back down from a challenge considering he has worked a number of different jobs at Calvary throughout these past thirteen years. One of those jobs was Dean of Students, and because of this there are many CU students who know him fondly as “Dean Cory” rather than “Mr. Trowbridge.” 

When asked if there was a message which he would like to give to the students and faculty here at Calvary, he simply stated that he wished them to “press on” and continue to fight the good fight. Continuing this thought, Trowbridge said, “I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the students who are still around, and what happens with Calvary in the days ahead. It’s the people who make Calvary what it is.”

Two people are attempting to fill his shoes. Samuel Tschetter will be taking his place as Title IX Coordinator. Jeff Campa will be filling his role as Vice President of Student Development.

“Dean Cory” enjoying a pre-COVID Calvary event with his family.

Cory Trowbridge dominating in a recent kickball game.