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Training Center

training center

Born through a burden to assist churches in a joint effort of evangelism and discipleship across the KC metro area, the Professional Services Biblical Counseling and Training Center exists to enhance the ministries of pastors and leaders through education and support.

Internships and Supervised Counseling

The Center is the ideal place for learning the art of applying practical theology, especially for those without a formal educational background in biblical counseling.  Internships are a great option for pastors, youth and small group leaders, and teachers currently in ministry and desiring to grow in their ability to rightly divide the Word of Truth.

Certificate in Nouthetic Studies Program

The Certificate in Nouthetic Counseling is a one-year program including classroom instruction and an internship practicum leading to certification with the American Academy of Biblical Counselors (AABC).

Continuing Education Opportunities

A balance between internships and the certificate program, the Center provides quarterly training for ministry staffs in half or full-day seminars.  Topics include:

  • Developing small group leaders for spiritual and numeric growth
  • The importance of biblical counseling in your church (Spanish)
  • How to develop a dynamic biblical counseling ministry in the church
  • Parenting for success
  • Evangelism training

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