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Theatre Arts

Every Day is a Story Worth Telling







Why Calvary Theatre?        

Simple. Because at Calvary, we not only want to teach you how to tell a great story dramatically, we want to involve you in telling a great story with your life! A great story has a character at its center who wants something so badly, he overcomes great obstacles to get it. Sound familiar? Sound like the Story of Jesus through the ages? Sound like your story?

The Calvary Theatre Arts program revolves around telling stories in ways that will engage the culture with a fresh and vibrant perspective!  Our mission is to equip students by building academic, performance-related, technical, and spiritual foundations to enable you to direct theatrical productions and oversee technical and administrative components wherever God might bring you – in front of a congregation in a ministry setting or in front of a professional film crew! By the time you leave Calvary, you’ll be able to teach others how to tell a great story and you’ll have developed into a skilled and disciplined actor who respects their art and their craft. You’ll be ready to further your career through graduate school training or professional acting. You’ll come away knowing that to be called to tell the best of all stories is one of the most compelling of all callings.

So what will Calvary give you that other colleges and university theatre programs may not?

    • Calvary Theatre students embrace the core principle that theatre is service: to fellow actors; to the working text; to the audience; and first and foremost, to our Audience of One. The student demonstrates the foundational skills necessary to critically analyze a piece of dramatic literature for its quality and theme while comparing it with the knowledge of God’s Word and His character.
    • You’ll learn to work in an ensemble in an atmosphere that facilitates authentic relationships with God and man.
    • We recognize that the entertainment industry fuels our culture! You’ll experience what it is to impact the culture in ways that engage it rather than hide from it.
    • You’ll inhabit this mission field and minister to and through it with passion and integrity.
    • You’ll be able to recognize the Story of God in the stories of history, myth, oral tradition, and literature, bringing it to life in new and creative ways, sharing His story with an ever-thirsty world!
    • And finally, the #1 reason to choose Calvary Theatre Arts? It’s because nobody has fun like Calvary Theatre has fun!!! See the photographic evidence by clicking here
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Tell a Great Story with Us!

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Future Students

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2019-2020 Theatre Season

Fall Production: Doubt by John Patrick Shanley

WinterShorts Acting Recital

Spring Production: One Voice by Deborah Craig-Claar and Robert Sterling

SpringShorts Acting Recital

The Importance of Being Earnest

Getting Serious about the Story!

Minoring in Theatre

If you find yourself starting to be pulled into the vortex of CU Theatre and want to know more, Calvary offers an accredited minor in Theatre Arts as part of our Warrior’s Choice degree offerings! All Theatre Arts courses are listed in the University catalog


Requirements of the Theatre Arts Minor

Download (PDF, 516KB)

      • Total theatre course hours required for Theatre Minor: 21 credits
      • Options for use of this minor at Calvary:
        1. Interdisciplinary Major; use the theatre major as one of two minors to form an interdisciplinary major.
        2. Add the Theatre Minor to your chosen major.

If you choose a theatre minor, you have the option of adding it to your major or combining it with another minor for an interdisciplinary major.

For detailed descriptions of all of these classes, please see Calvary’s catalog.

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We help you build the story…

Bobbie Jeffrey, M.A.

Bobbie Jeffrey, M.A.

Theatre Arts Department Chair

How Bobbie equips you to tell your story: Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Voice and Diction

Her Story: Although Bobbie has been directing and teaching at Calvary University since 2004, she officially launched the Theatre Arts Department major and minor in 2010. As founder and artistic director of h.e.a.r.t. theatre company, Bobbie has been directing and teaching acting in the Kansas City Area for over thirty years and has studied Shakespearean directing at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She received her B.S. in Theatre from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and her M.A. in Theatre from UMKC. Her favorite role to play is Granny B, cantankerous grandma to Amelia and Marie!

Kaleb Krahn, M.F.A.

Kaleb Krahn, M.F.A.

Technical Director

How Kaleb equips you to tell your story: Improvisational Acting, Lighting, Set Design and Construction

His Story: Kaleb graduated from Calvary University in 2009 with a B.S. in Biblical Counseling with a Christian Camping emphasis and a youth ministry minor. In 2016 he completed an M.F.A. in Theatre-Design and Technology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He has worked in the theatre at Calvary since arriving as a student in 2005, minus a couple of years for graduate school training. He loves his role of creating a ‘world’ for the stories of theatre to be told. When not teaching or building, he stays busy keeping up with his twin toddler boys at home.

Karen Krahn

Karen Krahn


How Karen equips you to tell your story: Makeup

Her Story: Karen grew up in rural Illinois and has had a passion for theatre as long as she can remember. She received her bachelors of science in Theatre Arts from Calvary Bible College, now Calvary University, and in the first graduating class of Theatre Arts majors in 2013. Karen and her husband Kaleb, who also happens to be Calvary’s Technical Director, reside in Belton, Missouri with their twin sons who create more theatrics than all of Broadway.

Beckie Lucas

Beckie Lucas

Guest Artist and Choreographer

How Beckie equips you to tell your story: Movement for the Stage, Musical Theatre Choreography, Fundamentals of Tap, Fundamentals of Jazz

Her Story: With forty years of experience as a dance instructor and choreographer, Beckie comes to us with extensive training in musical theatre choreography, having studied under Gwen Verdon. She received her jazz training under Gus Giordano, and has attended master classes at the UMKC Conservatory of Dance. She’s also studied at Tri-City Bible College, Longview Community College, and Avila University. For seventeen years, she was the resident choreographer for h.e.a.r.t. theatre company and began Tiffany Performing Arts Center for home educated students in 1994. Beckie has coached competitive dance teams that have won numerous national awards at American Dance and Drill Competitions. For all of her professional experience, she loves being a grandma of five the most!

Becky Bitner

Becky Bitner


Production Manager, Stage Management, and Properties, and Costuming

Moriah Roberts

Moriah Roberts


Assistant Choreographer and Stage Management Team

Her story: Moriah graduated from Calvary with a Theatre Arts minor. Now she’s works full-time at Calvary University as the Cafe Manager and Title IX Coordinator and but still manages to save some time to do what she loves with Calvary Theatre: stage management and helping Beckie teach choreography, especially tap. She adores seeing as many Broadway style shows in Kansas City theatre as she can possibly fit in.