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Get Volume 1 of The Warrior’s Pen

Get Volume 1 of The Warrior’s Pen

The first volume of The Warrior’s Pen is now available for download.

The editorial board has been hard at work, editing, compiling, and designing this issue. We are incredibly excited to bring you the best writing from Calvary students. This first issue includes essays, short fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Please visit The Warrior’s Pen page to download a copy and see what our students have been up to.

The Warrior’s Pen, a journal published annually by Calvary University since 2021, is dedicated to providing Biblical worldview-driven articles and works from all fields of discipline for the edification of God’s people with the purpose of glorifying Him. This journal’s contents are provided solely by the students, staff, and faculty of Calvary University. It is our prayer that those who read this journal will share and enjoy the articles and works and be built up in the truth of God. Occasionally a contributor may say some-thing that in content or tone does not reflect the opinions, practices, or positions of Calvary University.

All CU students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to submit work (academic papers and creative writing) for inclusion in The Warrior’s Pen.

Contact Thomas Crank or Mike Dodds for further information.

Special thanks to Mike Dodds, Tim Hange, and Amanda Harman for their hard work on the editorial board. Also a great big thank you to all the students who submitted work for publication.