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Piano Dedication Concert Celebrates Gift

Piano Dedication Concert Celebrates Gift

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Sarah Bourdess, graduate student, played Sonata Op. 109 in E Major.

Last Friday Calvary dedicated the grand piano and piano microphone which will be used for chapel services, concerts, and recitals in Liberty Chapel.  Through this Dedication Concert we acknowledged the generosity of Mrs. Inci Bashar, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Winkley, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kelly, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Silvers.  We are extremely grateful for their gifting of this instrument, and we look forward to using it for God’s glory for years to come.  Praise the Lord for His provision!


The concert consisted of performances by Un Chong Christopher, Sarah Bourdess, and Dr. Mark Strozier.  Mrs. Christopher, an Associate Professor of Music here at Calvary, played two solo piano pieces as well as accompanying Dr. Strozier and playing a duet with Sarah Bourdess.  Dr. Mark Strozier played three flute pieces.  Sarah Bourdess is one of our graduate students, and she played a solo and a duet on this special gift.

Dr. Mark Strozier played Cantabile et Presto accompanied by Un Chong Christopher.

Sara Klaassen

Alumni Relations Coordinator


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