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Join Calvary in the Philippines next Summer!

Join Calvary in the Philippines next Summer!

Serving orphans and “street kids” growing up in poverty

Calvary University’s Intercultural Studies, Education, and TESOL studies programs are teaming up to provide a conversational English program at Cuatro Christian Academy in the Philippines in the summer of 2020!

Cuatro is part of Kids International Ministry (KIM), a dynamic, Gospel-centered ministry that has specialized in serving orphans and “street kids” growing up in the poverty stricken areas around Manila.  Orphans, street-kids, and the children of Philippine believers study together in this unique environment nurtured by a committed Christian community.

Calvary faculty and staff recently visited KIM, stayed in their guest housing, and had the joy of interacting with Cuatro students at KIM’s orphan home.   We are EXCITED to take KIM up on this opportunity to serve.

We will be working primarily with students in the upper grades.  These students are taught in a dual-language environment, but need to have their conversation and pronunciation skills sharpened.  Your involvement could be a step in helping these students have opportunities outside of high school that can lift them out of poverty.  You will also have plenty of opportunity to interact with the children at the orphanage itself, as our group will provide devotionals and activities for these children as part of our service.

Our TESOL studies program at Calvary will be working with Cuatro to design the curriculum.   If you are willing to be trained in how to effectively lead a conversation group, and to raise the necessary support, we would love to have you apply!  Space will be limited to 12 total, with priority given to Education, TESOL studies and Intercultural Studies students.  

Calvary University’s Intercultural Studies, Education, and TESOL studies programs are teaming up to provide a conversational English program at Cuatro Christian Academy in the Philippines in the summer of 2020!

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Dates: July 9-26, 2020
Location: Philippines
Cost: $2,500 (covers airfare, housing and meals)
Contact Tim Hange (below) to apply!

Contact Tim Hange

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Introducing Ron Sharp, Dean of Students

Introducing Ron Sharp, Dean of Students

Calvary is excited to welcome Ron Sharp into the role of Dean of Students at Calvary, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted faith. His faith journey began in his early years, growing up within the church, but it wasn't until a pivotal moment...

Calvary Students Learn About Tribal Church Planting

Calvary Students Learn About Tribal Church Planting

Calvary enjoys many great ministry partnerships with like-minded organizations. One of those is Ethnos 360. Ethnos 360 has been planting churches among the least reached people groups of the world since 1942. Initially founded as New Tribes Mission, they focus on reaching some of the most remote tribal people on the planet.

Over Spring Break, six Calvary students along with Burnham Center Director, Joshua Paxton and Ethnos 360 missionary, James Gleaves took part in Ethnos 360’s Wayumi course in Jersey Shore, PA. The course offers a glimpse into tribal church planting.

Students learned in both class time and practical hands on training exercises how to plant a church in a remote tribal location. Beginning with language and culture acquisition and moving on towards translation, teaching the Bible and training indigenous leaders, the students both learned and were challenged to consider making reaching “the next towns” a driving force in their lives.

Practicing our language acquisition skills

Some of the more practical aspects included time spent with missionaries experiencing what it is like to learn an unwritten language for the first time and then the challenges of producing a good translation that the people can rely on. Ethnos 360 missionaries with many years of experience shared their personal stories from the field. Students even had the opportunity to butcher a pig and cook it according to the style of a Filipino Mumu.

Through our partnership with Ethnos 360; Wayumi is available for credit at Calvary. In the coming weeks I will share the reflections of one of the students who went with us on the trip.

Students hard at work translating the Scriptures
Join Calvary University in India Summer 2019!

Join Calvary University in India Summer 2019!

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Join Calvary University in India May 19-June 1, 2019!

Calvary University has a long standing tradition of hosting and training students from India. Only a few short years ago one of those students lead several summer ministry teams to his home country. Now another one of our students is opening the door for a more long-term relationship between Calvary and India.

India is home to 1.4 billion people, only 2.2% of which have a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most believers live in the densely packed urban areas leaving many villages with little to no witness of who Jesus is.  Local pastors work hard to reach these surrounding villages.  However, they face a mountainous task in reaching everyone. Of 2,554 people groups, 2,290 (89.7%) remain unreached with the gospel (Joshua Project)  Many of these groups still do not have the Word of God in their own languages.

India is a location rich with history and deeply entrenched in the History of Missions as many of the early pioneers of the Modern Missions Movement, folks like William Carey, Adoniram Judson and others set out to reach this richly diverse area with the gospel. However, India remains a place of great need, especially in the poorer village areas.  Hinduism is the dominant religion and recently the government has become increasingly hostile to Christian activities.

Next Summer the Burnham Center for Global Engagement is offering a two week mission trip to India. Faculty, staff, students and friends are welcome to join us for two weeks of ministry. We will be focusing on supporting the work of indigenous pastors through training and children’s activities. We will also be working on a project to complete construction on a local church. This project will require $3000.00 for the material costs.


For more information about joining us in India or helping with the construction project contact Joshua Paxton, Director of the Burnham Center for Global Engagement.

Synergy  Is HERE!

Synergy Is HERE!


Preparing for cross-cultural ministry just got easier!

Calvary University is pleased to announce the formation of the new Synergy Option. Synergy is all about preparing and sending the next generation of cross-cultural workers to the field with the best preparation they can get in the fastest time frame.

The traditional process is too slow!

To date 3.1 billion people remain unreached with the Gospel. This is up from 2.5 billion just five years ago. The sad fact is that the global spread of the gospel is not keeping pace with population growth. Add to that the typical college student’s preparation time of 4 years of college, time spent paying off debt, 1-2 years of training with a missions agency and then an average of 3 years to raise financial support and it is no wonder that we are not keeping pace.

Synergy is the solution!

Synergy is a cooperative option available to Calvary University students as an elective to their degree program. It works with a wide variety of degree options from Biblical Counseling to Ministry Studies and more.  Students will engage in 12 hours of coursework (4, 3 hour classes) that will be conducted in partnership with one of Calvary’s mission agency partners. Calvary students enroll in their courses through Calvary are overseen through the process by a Calvary professor and also attend the agencies approved training program.

Agencies currently available:

Agencies in development:

  • Ethnos 360
  • Reach Beyond
  • Biblical Ministries Worldwide – launching soon!

Through this unique educational option students have the opportunity to begin training with an approved mission agency as early as their Sophomore year.  Students will become members of the agency they are training with and in most cases be able to start the support raising process in their Senior year.  This will allow them to shorten their preparation time while still getting a quality education, excellent ministry and cross-cultural training and securing their financial support by the time they graduate. So that they are then able to launch into the ministry that God has called them to.

Synergy is only available through Calvary University and the Burnham Center for Global Engagement. It represents the next phase in missions training and preparation so that 3.1 billion unreached people can become 0!

Click here for more information: