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Learning and Living at Calvary During the Summer

Learning and Living at Calvary During the Summer

Weekly Portraits of Calvary Life

Summer Learning

Did you know that students can take Calvary classes year-round?  Because our academic year is structured into eight-week cycles, learning never has to stop – even in summer!  The fall semester technically starts in July and concludes when Cycle 3 finishes in December.  The spring semester starts with a one-week J-Term and includes Cycles 4-6.  We are currently in Cycle 1, and there are several classes meeting during the day and evening hours.

Dr. Dodds is teaching Evangelism/Spiritual Life.

Mr. Williamson is teaching Introduction to Philosophy.

Summer Living

This summer is the first time that Calvary has kept the dorms open in June and July.  While the number of students living there is much smaller than during Cycles 2-5, we do have students taking advantage of that opportunity.  Of course, many choose to go home for a few months, but they are still able to take summer classes using our blended online model.

Dr. Washington is teaching Strategic Management.

Sara Klaassen

Alumni Relations Coordinator


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