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Shakespeare in Tie-dye:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare in Tie-dye: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Weekly Portraits of Calvary Life

A Shakespeare comedy set in the 1960s?  Yes, that is the show that our Theatre Department presented to large audiences last weekend!

Lysander (Vincent Matteson) and Hermia (Lindsay Lee)

Calvary students, alumni, faculty, and staff all worked together to bring A Midsummer Night’s Dream to life in this groovy form.

Demetrius (Tedd Williamson), Helena (Christy Stone), and Lysander (Vincent Matteson)

In fact, one of our adjunct Bible and Theology professors, Norm Baker, played Tom Snout/Wall.

Nick Bottom (Corey Ruehling), Frances Flute (Levi Bennett), Snug (Tori Roberts), Robin Starveling (Esther McRae), Peter Quince (Zeb Johnson), and Tom Snout (Norm Baker)

While the setting was changed, the script was still Shakespeare, and the actors did an admirable job of learning all those lines.  The costumes were especially memorable and caused some actors to elicit laughter just by walking on stage.

Oberon (Tim McGuire), Titania (Amy Garlett), and Moth (Madison Greener)

As you can see, the show was quite unique!

Puck (Ana Sharp)

Sara Klaassen

Alumni Relations Coordinator


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