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Sunday afternoons call for small gatherings and cooking together.

Last Sunday a handful of Calvary’s students gathered to make their own afternoon snack. Korean style sushi, known as kimbap, was on the menu for the first ever Cook Together event.


The focus of the Cook Together was to get everyone involved with making their own personal sushi roll. Creativity is essential when creating one’s own roll. There are a variety of ingredients one could add to kimbap, but the ones used by the students included carrots, egg, pickled radish, cucumber, and imitation crab. Placing all of these items inside the only task left is to roll! Rolling sushi is easier said than done. Some excelled greatly, whereas others have some work to do, but altogether everyone had a great time attempting to roll their own kimbap.

The scent of seaweed lingered on as the fun was moved from the Warrior Cafe to the game room and student lounge. We all look forward to another casual afternoon of cooking together.