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Ashley Huseby (Hucklebee, the Boy’s Mother) and Abigail Tschetter (Bellomy, the Girl’s Mother) listen carefully for eavesdroppers.

Reflection on The Fantasticks

by Abigail Tschetter

I love the theme of The Fantasticks, encapsulated by a line from the song “Try to Remember:” “Without a hurt, the heart is hollow.” The Fantasticks is a show about learning and growing through difficulty. Its main characters, Matt and Luisa, learn that the world is not what they expected, and then they take that newfound wisdom, as heartbreaking as it is, and look at it in a hopeful light. Their story has made me cry more than once, partly because it is a little sad, but mostly because it is beautiful.

Yes, the world is more than just pain-free excitement, but understanding that makes the beautiful moments stand out that much more.

That’s why it feels so special to be a part of this show at Calvary University, where I’ve had the chance to learn this lesson for myself. College is a formative time for everyone in one way or another, and that is undoubtedly true for me. I can relate to Luisa, the hopeless romantic, and to Matt, who’s sure that whatever’s around the corner is exactly what he’s dreamed of. It’s at Calvary that I really began to relate to their journey.

This is my third year at Calvary, and every semester has carried some kind of expectation that was not met in the way I anticipated. I have struggled with loneliness and anxiety, disappointments and discontentment, insecurity, frustration, and plenty of other things in between. Yet I have also found community and friendship, peace and joy. In particular, my involvement in Calvary Theatre has taught me about service, confidence, humility, and worship, on and offstage. Each semester at Calvary has grown me and taught me something about myself, my relationships, the blessings in my life, and most importantly, the unfailing goodness of God.

It is a true blessing to have the chance to bring this show to life at a school and in a department that has contributed so much to my growth. It feels like coming full circle to share what I have learned—and will surely continue to learn—with the Calvary community that helped me learn it.

Bellomy, a fastidious gardener, waters her thirsty little peppers.