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Faculty Profile:

Kenneth England

Office:  East Education 228

Title:  Department Chair of Theatre Arts, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Started at Calvary:  November 2019

Professional Information:  B.S. (Theatre Arts), Calvary University, 2013; M.F.A. (Visual Performance Arts), Purdue University, 2019.

Favorite aspect of teaching at Calvary: As an undergraduate student I was amazed to discover the interplay between my theological and theatrical studies.  They complement and supplement each other.  The attentive student can achieve a deeper understanding of God and the Christian faith through studying theatre, and conversely, can find a deeper purpose and message while working in theatre.  My favorite aspect of teaching at Calvary is being able to present the principles and techniques of theatre in close concert with the theology instruction. 

Favorite class to teach: I find that the students make the class.  Therefore, my favorite class to teach is any class where the students are engaged and eager to progress in their education.

Originally from:  Oneida, IL

How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary: In theatre there is a saying, “Timing is everything.”  This idiom is the best explanation for how I ended up teaching at Calvary.  I came to Calvary as a student to take some Bible classes and then move to a school with a theatre program.  Little dd I know that at the end of my first year, Calvary would start a theatre program.  I stayed on as a theatre student and decided to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge and experience as I could.  After graduating, I knew that I needed more training so I went to Purdue University to get my M.F.A. in Acting.  While there I realized that acting was not going to be enough to satisfy my professional ambitions.  When I moved back to KC, timing aligned perfectly again and I became the Theatre Department Chair.

Ministry/Professional involvement outside of Calvary: Outside of Calvary I work as a freelance theatre artist auditioning for plays, designing lights, and building sets.

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