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Faculty Profile:

Dr. Terri Stricker

Office: East Education 131

Title: Professor of English

Started at Calvary: July 2012

Professional Information: B.S.E. (Education), University of Arkansas, 1988; M.A. (German), University of Arkansas, 1995; Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), University of Arkansas, 2000

Favorite class to teach: When someone asks me, “What is your favorite class to teach?” I find it very difficult to answer. To me, it is like asking, “What is your favorite dessert?” a question I find equally difficult. I appreciate teaching in many different disciplines—I love teaching students how to write, how to read literature, how to think about philosophical questions, and how to love God’s Word and its truth.

Originally from: As long as I can remember, teaching has been my primary calling in life. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the oldest of five children. My siblings and I would play “school” and enjoy classroom antics as well as more serious assignments. Often, I was the teacher. At an early age, I decided I would teach art classes because everyone loves art, or, at least, I thought that was so. That dream of teaching art actually did come true, and, through the years, I’ve taught many art programs at home and overseas on the mission field in missionary children schools. However, I also studied to become a German teacher, an English teacher, a Humanities teacher, and a Philosophy teacher. God had a way of leading me to new paths and adventures, so I trusted Him to enable me and I followed His leading.

How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary? Before my husband and I came to Calvary University, we served eight years in Germany (four years teaching at Black Forest Academy and four years in church planting); another six years in Vienna, Austria; and four more years in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’ve also led short-term mission trips to China and Ukraine. We have always sought to follow God’s will and to go where He leads us. We had been teaching at Washington Bible College in the Washington, D.C. area for five years when we realized that God was directing us to a new ministry. We moved to Calvary because my husband was hired to direct a Masters of Education program at the seminary level. I taught high school English, Art, and Bible at a local Christian school during our first year in Kansas City. My experience with high school students after many years of teaching college was truly an awakening for me. I learned how teenagers think today, and I began to reach out to them. My days were filled with activity, surprise, and challenge as I adapted to cultural changes in my own country.

Ministry/Professional involvement outside of Calvary: We attend Blue River Bible Church; we appreciate Pastor Charlie Paine and his family. Our continuing goal, both professionally and spiritually, is to trust the Lord to lead us into whatever ministry He has for us. We are so grateful for the loving family of believers at Calvary University and we hope faithfully to serve the Lord with all our hearts here at Calvary.

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