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Faculty Profile:

Dr. Eric Stricker

Office: East Education 102

Rank/Title: Graduate School Director, Department Chair for Education at the College and Graduate School; Professor of Education

Started at Calvary: July 1, 2011

Professional Information:
B.S.E., (Secondary English Education), John Brown University, 1973; M.A.B.S., Biblical Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1978; Zertifikat (German), Goethe Institut, 1981;  M.Ed., Educational Administration, University of Arkansas, 1992; Ed.S., Educational Administration, University of Arkansas, 1994; Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Administration, University of Arkansas, 1996.

Favorite class to teach:
To choose just one class as my “favorite” would be almost as difficult as selecting a favorite book of the Bible — I love them all!  Over the years, I have enjoyed teaching all my classes, and I have developed a deep appreciation for every opportunity — both in and out of the classroom — to minister to students, to help them learn, and to make a meaningful impact on their lives for Jesus Christ.  For this reason, I consider teaching to be a high honor.  Last year, I taught a graduate-level education course, The Master Teacher, which, from a certification perspective, focused on helping educators to become better classroom professionals.  From a biblical viewpoint, however, we were able to study in-depth the life of the true Master Teacher and to integrate His teachings — that was an exciting learning experience!

Originally from:
I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Before coming to Kansas City, we lived in several other states, and earlier, my wife and I served as missionaries in education and church planting work in Germany, Austria, and Argentina.

How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary?
In the past, we sought always to follow God’s will wherever He led us.  That path included continuing education as well as additional teaching experiences along the way.  Before coming to Calvary, we taught at Washington Bible College near the nation’s capital.  After five years there, we recognized God’s hand leading us to our present ministries here at Calvary University, and it is a special joy to be here.  At every level, Calvary is blessed with great students!

Ministry/Professional involvement outside of Calvary:
We have been attending Blue River Bible Church near the Calvary campus.  I have had opportunities to visit local Christian schools to represent Calvary and recruit potential students for our program.  We also maintain our long-standing association with CrossWorld in Kansas City.  Professionally and spiritually, we continue to trust the Lord for His provision of service and further ministry opportunities.  We are sincerely grateful for the dear family of believers we have found here at Calvary University, and we seek to serve the Lord faithfully with all our hearts.

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