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Dave Allen


Adjunct Faculty, Business

Dr. Haekyung An

M.Mus., M.Mus., D.M.A.

Associate Professor of Music

Ian Bacon


Superintendent of Calvary University Academy, Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology

Norman Baker

M.Div., Th.M.

Adjunct Faculty, Bible and Theology

Chris Basel


Adjunct Faculty, Science

Dr. Thomas Baurain

Th.M., D.Min.

Dean of the Seminary, Professor of Bible and Theology

Dr. Teddy Bitner

M.A., M.M.A.S., D.Min.

Chief Academic Officer, VP Academics, Professor of History

Dr. Tom Bonine

M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Education

Dr. Steven Boyd

M.S., Th.M., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Creation Studies (CICS); Research Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages

Dr. Joaquim Braga

M.A., M.Div., Ph.D.

Interim Department Chair of Biblical Counseling, Professor of Biblical Counseling

Jeffery Campa

M.S., M.A., M.Div.

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Director of the Innovation Center, Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology

Un Chong Christopher


Associate Professor of Music, Head of Piano

Dr. James L. Clark


Distinguished Guest Lecturer, President Emeritus

Dr. Christopher Cone

M.B.S., M.Ed., Th.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.

President, Research Professor of Bible and Theology

Thomas Crank


Director of the Clark Academic Center and Disability Support Services, Instructor of English

Dr. Randall DeVille

M.S., Ed.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Ministry Studies

Dr. Mike Dodds

Th.M., D.Min.

Dean of the College, Department Chair for Ministry Studies, Professor of Ministry Studies

Bill Gibbs


Adjunct Faculty, Biblical Counseling

Dr. Gary Gromacki

Th.M, D. Min, Ph.D.

Director of Ph.D. Program in Bible and Theology; Department Chair for Bible and Theology; Professor of Bible & Theology

Karen Hange


Instructor of Elementary Education

Timothy Hange


Director of International Student Services, Instructor of Education

Aaron Heath


Adjunct Faculty, Manager of Information Technologies

Dr. Allan Henderson

Th.M, Ed.D.

Vice President of Eastern Initiatives; Eastern Missouri Site Director; Professor of Education and Bible

Rose Henness

M.A., M.A.C.E., M.S.

Director of Institutional Effectiveness; Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Victor (Skip) Hessel

M.B.A., D.M.

Chief Development Officer; Department Chair for Organizational Development, Professor of Organizational Development

Dr. Tommy Ice

Th.M., Ph.D.

Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center; Program Director, Bible and Theology; Professor of Bible and Theology

Bobbie Jeffrey


Department Chair for Theatre Arts; Associate Professor of Theatre Arts

Kaleb Krahn


Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Shaun LePage


Associate VP, Marketing and Communications; Instructor of Bible and Theology and Ministry Studies

Dr. Neil Nelson

M.Div., S.T.M., Ph.D.

Professor of New Testament and Greek

John Oglesby


Director of President’s Office, Instructor of Bible and Theology

Joshua Paxton


Director of the Burnham Center for Global Engagement; Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

Jeanette Regier


Athletic Director, Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Jeremy Schell


Adjunct Faculty, Chorale Director

Tressa Shoemaker


Women’s Basketball Coach, Assistant Professor of Sports Management

Dr. Luther Smith

M.A., Psy.D.

Program Director, Biblical Counseling; Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling

Tiffany Smith


Librarian, General Studies Department Chair, PDS Program Director, Assistant Professor of General Studies

Dr. Tom Stolberg

M.Mus., D.M.A.

Department Chair for Music; Professor of Music

Dr. Eric Stricker

M.A.B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S., Ed.D.

Dean of the Graduate School, Department Chair for Education at the College & Graduate School; Professor of Education

Dr. Terri Stricker

M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of English

Cory Trowbridge


Vice President of Student Services, Dean of Men, Associate Professor of General Studies

Dr. Germaine Washington

M.B.A., D.M.

Program Director, Business Department; Assistant Professor of Business

Joel Williamson

Th.M., Ph.D. (ABD)

Adjunct Faculty, Old Testament and Hebrew