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The Biblical Counseling department has been busy this year pursuing and fostering relationships with organizations and associations that are committed to serving the church and the world according to the Biblical worldview. The Biblical counseling department was honored to have Shelterwood Academy in department chapel. Shelterwood Academy is a Bible-centered residential treatment facility that works with struggling young adults. Dr. Smith shared from Galatians 6:9-10 about how as believers we strive to do good to all people, especially those in the body of Christ, and how Shelterwood Academy has been a wonderful example of this truth. Kortney Levy Director of Recruiting for Shelterwood Academy (pictured on the right), and Tiffany Rensberger (pictured on the left), an alumna of Calvary University and Substance Abuse Counselor for Shelterwood Academy shared her personal stories of how she brings hope and truth to the young adults. In addition, they shared potential mentoring opportunities available for majors in the Biblical Counseling department. Dr. Smith expressed this relationship with Shelterwood Academy is vital to Calvary University and looks forward to continuing to minister alongside them to the glory of God.