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Dr. Elwood Chipchase has become involved in several ministries since retiring from Calvary.

Dr. Elwood Chipchase came to Calvary in 1999 from a pastorate in Chicago. He had been serving on Calvary’s advisory board for some time, when the current president Dr. Madison contacted him, asking him to come to Calvary as President. “I said, ‘I’m not going to do it,” Chipchase remembered. “I’m a pastor. I’m staying a pastor.” But after months of Dr. Madison asking, “I really had a tug in my heart. My heart was changing… I said, ‘Lord, I really am of the opinion you want me at Calvary. I don’t know why, except I believe it’s you.”

Dr. Chipchase followed the call and took the role of President at Calvary. “I had an attitude already that this younger generation was a great generation. And when I came here and saw the quality of young people we have here at Calvary, I felt the same way.”

Since moving on from Calvary, Chipchase has become involved in several ministries across the country. He serves as chaplain at Bibleville, a Bible conference center that equips “Winter Texans” to grow and share their faith. The center holds 500 residents in its mobile home park, and offers services, activities, and ministry opportunities to the attendees November through April. Chipchase reflected, “Today I minister to a whole flock of senior citizens which I never thought I’d ever do. But what I’ve found is I have some of the most exciting people who really want to hear the Word. So, at my age, I’m studying very hard.”

It’s a privilege to be involved in the Lord’s work. I mean, why quit? You don’t ever want to quit.”

Chipchase serves on the board for Pacific Garden Mission, producers of the radio program, Unshackled! He also serves on the board for Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW) and travels as a representative for them. He mentioned, “Wherever I go people say, how are things at Calvary?” Reflecting on his time at Calvary, he said, “The privilege of being here [was] getting to know the students, praying for them every day. And I’m excited about Calvary, about what God’s doing here.”

Commenting on his plans for the future, Chipchase said, “Let me quote one of my men. On Sunday he said to me, ‘Last Friday was my last day. I’m reporting for duty tomorrow morning.’ And Monday morning, he was here at our church. God gives us retirement so we can serve full time… It’s a privilege to be involved in the Lord’s work. I mean, why quit? You don’t ever want to quit.”