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PhD Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Academic Year

Tuition On Campus Courses$476.00 per credit
Tuition Online Courses$507.00 per credit
Student Services Fee $247 per 8-week cycle
Dissertation Continuation Fee (one time/if needed)$500
Other Costs:

Enrollment Fee (one-time)

Course Fees (varies by course)

Independent Study Fee

Late Registration Fee (per occurrence)



$35.00 per hour


Explanation of Costs/Fees

See the University Catalog for a complete list and description of all fees.


Tuition provides partial funding for instructional and institutional expenses. It is due prior to the start of classes. Only courses for which the student has registered and for which the tuition fee has been paid may be attended.

Student Services Fee

Provides partial funding for non-instructional functions such as registration, compliance with Department of Education and accrediting agency regulations and policies,fine arts series performances, library use, chapel, lecture series, security, class dues, social funds, intramural sports/athletics, admission to on-campus intercollegiate athletic events, ID cards, and mail service.  (Charged for both credit and audit hours).

Enrollment Fee

Required of all new and re-enrolling applicants. This includes all degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students, including Early College students. Calvary University graduates who continue toward an advanced degree the next semester are not required to pay the enrollment fee.

Personal Enrichment

The cost of taking a class simply for the value of learning. No academic credit is given, nor is any academic record generated.

Degree Seeking Student: $50/per course
Non-Student/Non-Degree Seeking Student: $150/per course

Course/Technology Fee ($0-$100)

The cost for use of labs and equipment or for materials used in select courses. Fees for each course, if any, are listed by course in the Course Descriptions of the catalog.