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Intercultural Education is more necessary than ever before. According to Dr. Joshua Paxton, the need for Christians to understand how to communicate and relate with people of other cultures is only going to increase.

Paxton, Director of the Calvary University Burnham Center for Global Engagement and Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, recently completed a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Intercultural Education. He was invited to join Calvary’s Shaun LePage for a conversation to clarify what exactly is Intercultural Education, why relating to and teaching cross-culturally is different from teaching someone of the same culture and some of the things a person needs to know in order to communicate and teach cross-culturally.

But this is not just for Christians in higher education. The “average” Christian or local church leader should also care about and give our attention to our own Intercultural Education because of the cross-cultural times in which we live.

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