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One of the highlights of Dr. Cone’s inaugural address last year was a commitment he made to students that they would see a decrease in tuition costs from the Fall 2016 rates during the 2017-2018 academic year. True to his word, Calvary University has announced an across-the-board tuition reduction, with the new rates going into effect for Fall 2017. Early college tuition rates were $89 per credit hour. Those rates have dropped to $80 per hour. Undergraduate tuition was previously $375 per credit hour, while the new rates are tiered by degree program and range from $362-372 per credit hour. A previous online study tech fee of $150 was also eliminated, and online tuition was adjusted to be only $40 higher per hour than campus course tuition, providing a net decrease of $30 per three-hour class for online study. The Grad School and Seminary also saw tuition reductions, from the previous $400 per hour tuition rate to a tiered range from $387-397, depending on the program. The same online fee reduction as in the undergraduate programs is also in place at the graduate and seminary level.

As if those reductions were not enough, in appreciation of our Armed Forces and with gratitude for those who serve and have served, Calvary also announced a significant benefit to military and veterans and their dependents: an across-the-board, unprecedented tuition rate of $250 per credit hour. As Calvary also has great appreciation for those who serve in full-time vocational ministries, Calvary announced a tuition rate of $250 per hour for those who serve in full-time ministry and for their dependents.  Calvary University is committed to providing the highest quality Bible-centered education in all of its 40+ degree programs in Bible, ministry, counseling, education, music, theater, and business administration. Calvary is equally committed to being accessible and affordable, and appreciates your support as Calvary continues to labor diligently to fulfill the mission of preparing Christians to live and serve in the church and in the world according to a Biblical worldview.  For more information on Calvary’s programs or to apply now, contact the Admissions Department.