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The Mechanicals of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” witnessing the death of Pyramus and Thisbe!

One of the most notorious and uproarious comedic scenes in all of dramatic literature comes from “The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe” performed by the Mechanicals, a troupe of aspiring tradesmen come to perform at the marriage celebration of the Duke of Athens in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In this picture, Pyramus (Bottom the Weaver, played by Corey Ruehling) and Thisbe (Francis Flute the bellows mender, played by Levi Bennett) have just expired in a heap in the bottom right corner while Lion (Snug, played by Tori Roberts), Peter Quince (played by Zeb Johnson), Moonshine (Robin Staveling the tailor, played by Esther McRae), and yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is indeed Norm Baker, CU Bible and Theology Prof, as Wall (Tom Snout the tinker).all watch the lamentable death!,

Norm caught the bug first in high school, but his talents have lain dormant until until a few months ago when he was asked to play the role of Martin Luther for a chapel scene on the Reformation. His appetite was once again whetted! He’s having an incredible time and has enjoyed getting to know students on a more casual basis while gaining a greater respect for the craft of acting. All we can tell you is Kenneth Branagh had better move over! You’ll have to see him to believe him, so make sure you’re there for Act V!

The production runs March 8-11. See you at the show!

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