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Leaders Needed

Quality leadership is world-changing. Leaders who are armed with the knowledge and skills they need to stand in the gap for their teams are highly sought after. Make the most of the opportunities you have now to gain leadership skills. The Nikaó Leadership Institute is designed to equip you with the leadership skills necessary to impact the world for eternity.

Leaders Prepared

Calvary University has been committed to the biblical foundation and excellence in education for the past eighty-four years. The Nikaó Leadership Institute is part of that commitment, helping Calvary to fulfill its mission to “prepare students to live and serve in the church and in the world according to a biblical worldview.” Through the Nikaó Leadership Institute, Calvary is helping to shape godly leaders for today and tomorrow.

Leadership Summit

The Institute kicks off each year in August with the Nikaó Leadership Summit, a one-week conference filled with practical, hands-on workshops. The Nikaó Leadership Summit is designed to catapult you into a year of learning leadership principles. We will use that week to actively develop you into a better leader on campus, in classrooms, in the community, and throughout the world. During the semester you will participate in weekly breakout sessions, workshops, and activities with the Nikaó Leadership Institute staff.

Leaders Benefit

While Calvary University is committed to keeping costs low, the cost of a college education is a challenge for most. Calvary University has strategically developed the Nikaó Leadership Institute to help you pay for your college education. When you successfully complete a semester in the Nikaó Leadership Institute you will receive a full-tuition scholarship for the following semester. Nikaó scholarship recipients are not typically eligible for other Calvary scholarships. Students requiring financial assistance in addition to the Nikaó tuition scholarship should contact the Financial Aid office.

Leadership Rewards

Leadership skills are often developed over time and with experience. When you participate in the Nikaó Leadership Institute you will be given the opportunity to practice leadership skills in a hands-on setting. You will receive Nikaó points for each leadership opportunity throughout the semester.

Becoming a Leader

By the time you graduate from Calvary University, you will have become an individual who is ready to lead others through your communication, your relationships, and your day-to-day interactions with people. You will have developed the confidence in your ability to motivate and influence those people around you in order to establish trust and credibility that creates a positive environment. Come join a group of leaders that stand ready to impact this world with the gospel.

Only a limited number of incoming freshmen each year will have the opportunity to enter the Nikaó Leadership Institute, so make the most of your opportunity. Do you have what it takes to grow in Christlike leadership? Qualified applicants can apply now. For more information, complete the form below.

The Nikaó Leadership Institute launched in Fall of 2017 and each year a “cohort” of 10 new incoming Freshman students is added to one of our main campuses.

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