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Quality leadership is changing the world!  Leaders armed with the knowledge and information they need to stand in the gap for their teams are highly sought after. Calvary University has held true to its biblical foundation and excellence in education for the past eighty-four years. Calvary is now excited to unveil The Nikaó Leadership Institute. This newly established Leadership Institute will fall perfectly in line with Calvary’s mission in helping prepare students to serve in the church and the world.

The University is in the final stages of accepting fifteen incoming students who will enter the NLI on August 20 and will be catapulted into a year of learning leadership principles and having hands-on practice in leadership opportunities. The semesters will be used to actively develop these students into leaders on campus, in classrooms, community, and eventually throughout the world.

The cost of a college education is growing exponentially. Calvary University has strategically developed The Nikaó Leadership Institute to help fund a college education. Successful acceptance and completion of each semester in The Nikaó Leadership Institute will mean a tuition scholarship for up to twelve semester hours.

In four years, as Nikaó Leadership Institute students graduate from Calvary University, they will have become individuals who are ready to lead through communication, relationships, and in their day to day interactions with people. They will have developed the confidence in their ability to motivate and influence people around them to establish trust and credibility that creates a positive environment. They will stand ready to impact this world with the gospel.

For more information on The Nikaó Leadership Institute please email [email protected].