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Wentworth (top left) with the team of interns at Grace Church.

Education major Lindee Wentworth served at Grace Church through their internship program.

Last summer, Nikao Leadership Institute student Lindee Wentworth interned at Grace Church in Overland Park, Kansas. She heard about the internship opportunity from her roommate, and said, “I’d been praying about an opportunity for ministry over the summer. I knew that I wanted to make money to pay for school, but I also felt the Lord leading me to do something in ministry.”

Through the internship, Wentworth worked on compiling a resource book for the church with detailed information on “the [missions] trips that we take, about our partners there, about the country, and general tips” for people going on missions trips. The work required “a lot of research,” but it also provided Wentworth with hands-on opportunities to minister to small businesses in the community. She said, “I was really discipled along the way. My supervisor was really great and encouraged me to research unreached people groups and what that looks like. That was really encouraging.”

Wentworth is a sophomore at Calvary studying Elementary Education. After she graduates, her “plan is to teach overseas, maybe in a closed country,” and her internship confirmed that goal for her. She said, “One of the big things I learned was not to ask, ‘give me a reason to go,’ but ‘give me a reason to stay.’ Because the Lord commands us to go.”