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Calvary resumes campus life with COVID precautions.

Across Calvary’s campus, faculty and staff work to keep a sanitary environment. Calvary’s Director of Food Service, Joe Dapra, explained the precautions the cafeteria is taking “to minimize risk of the spread of COVID-19.” He said, “After meals we sanitize high-touch areas. Students are asked to wear masks when entering the building and going through the serving line. There is hand sanitizer available.” To ensure health among the cafeteria staff, “Serving staff wear masks during the meal. Kitchen staff practice standard procedures with hand washing and wearing of gloves. We are set up to record temperatures and ask questions about wellness for staff coming to work.”

The Hilda Kroeker Library established protocols to eliminate germs from shared resources. Head Librarian Tiffany Smith said, to minimize the spread of germs, “the library is quarantining items for a minimum of 72 hours.” To create a safe study environment, Smith said, “While masks are required to be worn when moving about the library building, seating areas have been spaced so that they do not have to remain on during study of non-reference and non-reserve materials.” The library staff sanitizes study areas after each use to cut down germ transfer.

Calvary is keeping the classroom safe, too. Face shields are in place for professors, and ample space enables social distancing. Faculty and students carefully sanitize tables, doorknobs, and other high traffic areas before and after each class period. In the fluid situation of COVID-19, Calvary is committed to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Students cheer on Calvary’s volleyball team.

The Warrior Café also implemented special sanitizing measures.