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Faculty Profile:

John Oglesby

Office: Madison Hall – Administration Building; Room 126

Title: Director of President’s Office, Program Director of Bible & Theology, Instructor of Bible & Theology

Started at Calvary: May 2016

Professional Information: B.S. (Advanced Biblical Studies), Calvary University, 2017; M.A. (Bible and Theology), Calvary University, 2018; Ph.D. in progress (Bible and Theology), Calvary University.

Favorite aspect of teaching at Calvary: My favorite part of teaching is not any mechanical aspect, but more philosophical. The idea that I am given the privilege of teaching students who will more than likely teach other students, both formally and informally, is very exciting.

Favorite class to teach: New Testament Overview

Originally from: Pensacola FL

How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary: I actually came to Calvary in 2015 as a student. I was previously a bi-vocational youth pastor who was pursuing a degree in structural engineering. As I worked in ministry, it became clear that I desired to pursue full-time ministry and a further understanding of the Scriptures. With that desire, I searched for a good, biblical school – Calvary University. Through that, God has provided a huge part for me in this ministry.

Ministry/Professional involvement outside of Calvary: I am the director of The 1024 Project, writer on, partner in Renovation Podcast, and active attender at Fellowship Greenwood. I have dedicated my life to knowing Scripture and making it known to others.

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