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Traditional values in a nontraditional school

The Hearth Room is a Christian, authentic Montessori school just west of Liberty.
We are parents, who are ready to toss the conventional ways of doing things out the window in order to give our children a beautiful, peace-filled, and exciting education, and to grow them into adults who are well prepared for a joyful life of excellent service to the Lord.  This is accomplished through a proven academic approach of hands-on, child-paced lessons in traditional academic subjects, as well as practical life skills, a firm understanding of the Bible and politics, and plenty of time outdoors.

Why you’ll love working in The Hearth Room
Community of like-minded faith-focused colleagues
Be outdoors at work
Low demands on time outside of regular work hours
Combat the current downward spiral of our culture and politics
Give students opportunities to go in-depth on areas or interest rather than having to teach to a test
Enjoy sharing your favorite activities like art, gardening, cooking, music, field trips, entrepreneurship, etc. with students
Opportunities for career growth
Be a founder in a groundbreaking new concept in education

Position Description
The Assistant reports to the Classroom Guide (Lead Teacher). He or she is responsible for classroom management while the Guide is giving lessons. Because they can have a significant influence on the dynamic of the classroom, this person must be a calm, quiet presence in the classroom, comfortable staying back and allowing children to master a task on their own. At the same time they must keep a watchful eye and be confident enough to be firm and consistent. The Assistant will be in the classroom for most of the day, but will also frequently be outside in all types of weather to supervise recess. The Assistant role is a great opportunity for someone who is considering a career in Montessori teaching and/or administration.

Detailed List of Responsibilities
Help maintain a beautiful environment
Prepare materials daily, according to Guide’s requests
Sanitize items as needed during the school day (a dedicated cleaning person will do most cleaning at the end of each day)
Notify Guide of broken or missing materials
Remove broken glass
Clean bodily fluids
Consistently enforce classroom policies with kindness.
Redirect students who are struggling to find an appropriate activity.
Observe and record observations
Respond to children while Guide is presenting a lesson

8:15am-4:15pm Tuesdays-Thursdays, plus a rotation covering extended care hours
Attend all school functions.

This is currently a volunteer staff position.
It includes 100% tuition coverage for 1 staff child and 20% for a second child. (One student tuition is included for every 20 hours of regularly scheduled work.)

A qualified assistant must be able to lift up to 75 pounds, be mobile for most of the day, move quickly enough to redirect a running child if necessary, and be comfortable reaching the floor. Grace and courtesy are a part of our daily routine, so manners are a must! This person will often respond to children if there is a conflict or challenging situation, so they must have a firm foundation of faith that guides their reactions, making them able to respond with spiritual clarity.

How to Apply
You can learn more about this position by visiting

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